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Open Geographic Information Xchange - OGIX

Our IT Consulting Services enables our customers to transform into a cohesive, structured and results driven organization. To this end, our consultants focuses on the root causes of organizational dysfunction and thereafter build solutions to which issues become opportunities. In this context, we provide the analysis and documentation of an enterprise in its current stage and then extrapolate this into the future putting into the right perspective its strategy, business, and technology.

The result is the tying up of disparate processes and information into integrated processes and systems thus harnessing all the organization resources into a consolidated business driven organization. To achieve this, we leverage on our consulting competencies which includes a deep understanding of your business and industry and using our specifically proven methodologies, and insights, making your organization even more competitive successful.

Having said that we work with you on this discovery to success. We take the information you provide and the feedback you give, forming in front of you a vision and strategy that is clear, and achievable. You can be comfortable with the way we approach your needs and all our work is done with an end goal that is realistic, and measurable.


Get the most flexible and comprehensive data protection available for your business without compromising IT simplicity. Our award-winning security, storage and recovery technology is known for dramatic speed and ease of use that vastly simplifies IT operations.

Whether you're managing a small remote office, a departmental workgroup or a complete, multi-location enterprise, the Atempo family of products offers complete protection of your data throughout its lifecycle.

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  • Integration of a spatial information with existing enterprise system · Ability to combine data from multiple sources
  •  Wide range of GIS capabilities
  •  Highly scalable architecture
  •  Facilitates wireless exchange and sharing of resources


Medix is a web-based and fully customizable suite of information systems that caters to the specific requirements of the healthcare services provider. With Medix, patient information is consolidated and maintained into the central database the moment they register for an appointment.

Main features include:

  • Ready for multi-clinic, multi doctor, with centralized accounting
  • Customization to every clinic needs
  • Powerful tools for clinic management
  • User-friendly online patient appointment booking system
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy retrieval of patient medical records and history
  • Inventory tracking system
  • Integrated accounting system

Group Works

Groupworks automates the HR administrative tasks of recording and controlling against policies defined in the HR system. The HR system provides flexibility in allowing you to:

  • Locate person through a graphical tree view
  • Move/promote persons
  • Activate and deactivate user account
  • Allow management of information
  • Manage events and registrations
  • Mark attendance for participants
  • Export data into popular formats such as HTML, RTF, Text, CSV, etc.
  • Report on size, movement, etc.


Our Vision

"To actively partner with our valued customers in exploiting information and knowledge with timeliness and cost-effectiveness to increase our customers’ competitive edge."